by întristare

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released February 28, 2016



all rights reserved


întristare Wilson, North Carolina

Experimental dark/ambient one man black metal band.

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Track Name: întristare
night pierces

the sky with swollen madness

another slumber

to wake again tomorrow

with the intent of despair

take me now, to the gates of

fire and eternal torment

give me life, by taking mine

throw me down,

where i will

dwell forever

where i will dwell forever

deprevation of all light

nothing but a mere shadow

overlooking the world

i am not from here

nor do i belong

i reside where no man would willingly dwell

a house of legions

a home built upon

the foundation of sorrow

just stop my existence

take me down from the altar of the son of man

worthy i am not

of light

i have failed you my king of all that speaks

i have not brought with me what you asked for
Track Name: fată
why must you go
why must you leave
why must this end
why must you

take me instead
take me instead
take me instead
take me instead

life is a curse

death is a blessing

life is a curse

death is a blessing
Track Name: ură
slowly, fading

terror strikes my bones as i drift away

nodding in and out, out this world

falling into the abyss,

decaying into the ground i stand upon

never once have i understood,
the purpose of this life
the reason why we breathe

the reason why

is it just to prove

that the creator of this world is a mindless fool

is it meant to show

how grim the mindset of the maker is


i want to feel not life

but a constant suffering

a reminder of how you never cared

i will destroy you

i will rape you of your everything

and leave you stripped an breathless

lying on the ground like the unholy whore you are


you took the life from inside me

you held me up

above the altar of a man

crucified upon the banquet of the clean

forced to stare directly at the face of the fucking king

i will not kneal before you, but you will kneal before me
Track Name: curvă
transformed by
a distant light

made anew
by unseen hands

taken down
from the altar
in which i stand
formed through
a time
in which pain is iminent

i will now be laid to rest x2

i will now be sentenced
to eternal sleep
i will now be slain
upon the monument

i will now die
i will now be ended
taken from this home
and thrown down where i belong
Track Name: Sfârşit
None Documented.